Boxing Project

 Our LGBTQ+ friendly sessions return to the gym on the 18th April. We are holding two ‘open gym’ sessions at 1330 and 1430 hours each Sunday until social distancing restrictions are eased and we can resume our usual sessions. Each session is limited to eight people and is 45 minutes long. A coach will be on hand to advise on technique and we have also produced a number of basic instructional videos  available of our YouTube channel for you to view before attending the gym.




 Funded by a grant from the National Lottery in response to the COVID19 pandemic, the programme will enable participants to increase their fitness, skill levels and overall wellbeing by training with a group of likeminded individuals in a friendly, welcoming environment. 


The LGBTQ+ #FIGHTTOGETHER Project aims to bring the local community together and make boxing accessible to all.  

Proud to #FightTogether


Please register with the gym here.


Then email RABC so we can activate a complimentary subscription to these classes.  You'll be notified once the subscription is complete and be ready to book away at your convenience.  Enjoy!