RABC Rules
September 2019

1: Prior to joining RABC, each boxer will initially be assessed by the RABC Head coach to decide whether he/she is eligible to graduate to the RABC ‘competitive' sessions.
2: On joining RABC, boxers will train towards competing in the sport of amateur boxing under England Boxing rules. They will be expected to spar within 3 weeks, with other competitive amateur boxers. Active boxers will spar on completion of their transfer application.
3: RABC Boxers should attend ALL competitive sessions.
4: If, at any time, it is deemed an RABC boxer has not progressed sufficiently to a competent level, then you will be referred back to a BOX! BOX! BOX! class to master the fundamentals.
5: Should a RABC boxer miss 3 consecutive training sessions (excluding holidays, periods of injury and sickness) They will be referred back to BOX! BOX! BOX! sessions to work towards their second assessment.
6: All boxers MUST arrive 10 minutes before class commences to their wrap hands before the session.
7: Boxers will be respectful to their team mates and coaches.
8: A RABC carded boxer is not permitted to train/spar at another boxing club without first notifying their head coach and gaining written permission to do so. Where possible, an RABC coach will accompany the boxer.
9: A RABC carded boxer is not permitted to box for another boxing club competitively.
10: A RABC coach is not permitted to coach at another amateur or professional boxing club.
11: Under no circumstances will an RABC/RBC coach spar with the competitive RABC boxers.
12: Any visiting boxers shall get written permission from their amateur club and attend with at least one coach from that club.
13: At RABC, we value everyone as an individual therefore we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion of boxers regardless of age, sex, race, religion or belief. We DO NOT tolerate discrimination or mobbing.
14: No boxer is bigger than the club!
15: Head down, Ears open!