The Boxing House Brawl

Meet The Fighters


Brendo 'The Cobbler' Walsh - Camden

Brendo 'The Cobbler' Walsh, originally from 'shoe town' Northampton but now residing just metres from the Camden Boxing House Gym. This is his 2nd white collar fight with Camden. More typically found on a football pitch, he fell in love with the sport during his first White Collar camp and has returned for more. This time time with a twist however, raising money and awareness for Charity by stepping in the ring. Alumina is a project of Youthscape and focusses on providing help and resources to young people suffering with Self Harm. Brendan wants to spread awareness of the issue in wider society but also show the positive impact that Boxing and the training can provide in peoples lives.

Danny "Rock the House" Robbo - Bermondsey


Daniel "Dynamite" Djerf - Camden

Daniel "Dynamite" Djerf's boxing was molded in Camden. He's got a cocktail of Sweden and Morocco flowing through his veins. With a steel chin and heavy punches, he's ready to conquer.

Daniel "The Smoking Gun" Gersh - Camden

Camden and Bermondsey Boxing Clubs familiar face returns to the squared circle. Introducing the indomitable force, know for his strength and unwavering spirit. With a burning desire for redemption after The Riverside Rivalry White Collar, the born and bred Londoner is ready to chuck some bombs. Brace yourselves and welcome the one and only…. Dan "The Smoking Gun" Gersh!

Ed "My Game" Poltavsky - Camden


Francois "The Ripper" Colat-Parros - Camden

Boxing out of Camden, he collects teeth and ears and enjoys making craft out of them.

Francesco “The Untouchable” Liberatore - Camden

Francesco is more used to sparring with words in a court room as a lawyer than with the gloves in a ring. But thanks to Camden Boxing Club, he is learning the Sweet Science. Aspiring to be more like Niccolino Locche than Rocky Balboa, he is ready to hit and not get hit. In support of the Childhood Trust, Francesco is back as “The Untouchable”.

George "The Kid" Hardy - Camden

From the heart of Cheltenham, there comes a kid from simple beginnings. But inside him burns a hunger to lace up the gloves and step into the ring. Through countless hours of tireless dedication and unfaltering discipline, George "The Kid" Hardy carries the weight of the underdog behind him whilst stepping amongst giants.

Greg "The Pain Train” Branch - Rathbone

When Oscar Wilde said, ‘With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone’, he clearly had Greg “The Pain Train” Branch in mind.  At 56 years of age, Greg decided to swap his dentures for a mouthguard and is looking forward to putting it all on the line for Team Rathbone!

Isak "The Viking" Eliason - Rathbone

Hailing from the deep seas of the coast Sweden, this Swedish Viking has arrived to conquer England once again!

Ismael "Ishroc" Iniquez - Camden

Ismael “Ishroc” Iniguez was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Queens, NY with the Amazon jungle of Ecuador flowing through his veins. Representing Camden Boxing Club he realises AI will inevitably take his job so he is giving boxing a try. Hard work! Dedication!

Jimi Mack - Rathbone

Jimi has been boxing for a few years, and has come to love the sport of boxing. Born and raised London, Jimi joined the white collar to honour his father who passed away recently of cancer at the age of 59, and for his soon-to-be-born son, Rafa. 

"Devil" John Holland - Rathbone

"Devil" John Holland was born and raised on the unforgiving streets of Cork, Ireland. Fighting proudly out of Rathbone, he's here to show that his footwork is just a little better than the elderly hip fracture patients he looks after at work.

Josh "Dope Boy" Lee - Rathbone

Josh "Dope Boy" Lee grew up in the Gaza of Q.C. He's a humble man, but don't let that fool you. He will be out there to prove a point and make a statement on the night

"Killa" Kai Applicano - Camden

“Killa” Kai Aplicano is a humble man whose love for his family is only rivaled by the passion he has to destroy his opponent. This blue eyed baby face assassin takes no prisoners with his blazing speed.

Omar Fawzy - Camden

Omar Fawzy is representing Camden. He's been boxing from a young age, and can't wait to put those skills into practice for charity!

Ryan "The Lion" Jones - Bermondsey


Rebecca "Jawbreaker" Jones - Camden


Reuben “Rastaman Vibration” Ingram - Camden

CaFomden’s very own Reuben “Rastaman Vibration” Ingram is representing Camden Boxing Club. With a furious fighting style and all the island vibes , “The Rastaman Vibration” come to mash up the place ya done know already! He will defend Camden with his soul.

Stas “Drago” Chistyakov - Rathbone

Stas is a Rathbone fighter who moves fast and hits hard. He comes from the coldest place, but is ready to bring some heat into the ring.

Tristram "The Yorkshire Terrier" Conroy - Camden

Fighting out of Huddersfield West Yorkshire, and now north London, Tristram "the Yorkshire terrier" Conroy. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.


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