Life gets hectic. We understand. you make plans to train but work gets in the way.

With our pay-as-you-go classes you can roll with the punches, working out whenever you want, however you want. Perfect for casual boxers or those looking to add specialisation to their regime. 

Classes are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, but our coaches are happy to adapt the class to any skill level.  We've got you covered.

1 credit per session

Box! Box! Box!

Perfect your boxing skills by revisiting the fundamentals. Ideal for novices or for those getting back into a training regime. Each class will have its own focus; each coach will have his/her own perspective. Hone your craft. Currently on the Timetable: Technique, Footwork, Range, Trunk Defences.

"Hands up, chin down."

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Each boxer will face his/her opponent, i.e., the punchbag. Your coach will be in your corner taking you through each round of the fight, shouting out tactics and advice. As with real bouts, you will need to fight your own fight, but you will be able to feed off the energy of your classmates.

"Seconds out!"

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Boxing Tactics

An intermediate level class during which boxers practice a separate fight strategy that incorporates multiple elements that have been developed during the fundamentals beginner classes. Some strategies we will explore include "Stick & Move", "Same Side Attack", "Fight a Southpaw."

"Box smart, not hard."

anatomy of a fight

The coach will project a clip of a big fight and analyse the how/what/why behind the boxer's strategy and tactics. We will reenact the scene and then practice various scenarios. E.g., How does Tyson Fury utilise his elusive style to avoid getting hit? Best suited for those who are comfortable with the basics.

"Visualise to materialise."

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Strength &

A circuits based class that focuses on all the elements key to a boxer's performance: power, agility, core, stamina, rhythm.

"Hard work; dedication."

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Fighting Fit

Does what it says on the tin. You will be put through your paces. A true beasting incorporating bagwork drills and body weight exercises. Get stronger; get tougher.

"There's no easy way out."

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Boxing Medley

A combination of three of our signature classes rolled into one: Box! Box! Box!, Cornerman and S&C.

"Face them all like a warrior."

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Core & Stretch

A boxer needs to have a strong core and to be flexible.

"Abs are made in the kitchen."
(And at Rathbone Boxing Club)

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