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Welcome to our 2024 newsletter, we have had a busy start to the year and this is what’s been happening.




It was not long into the season when RABC unfortunately found themselves homeless with the closure of Rathbone Boxing Club.  The club continues to be rehoused at Camden Boxing Club, working alongside HABC. RABC also have offered a session a week at Bermondsey Boxing Club.  


The timeline on when the gym will reopen is stilluncertain.


In the meantime, we would like to thank HABC for accommodating us.




March Home Show. 


HABC put out seven boxers.


First to take to the ring was Danny Key, Ishaq Bergh, Barak Davison all participating in skill bouts.  They all displayed great skill and will no doubt be having their first competitive bouts soon.


Adam El-Dinnaoui was competing for the first time and narrowly missed out on getting the hand raise butput in an excellent performance.


Chrisgen Enado was up next for HABC and put in a solid, convincing performance to get the win, he was also awarded The Jackie Johnson Trophy for Best Home Boxer.


Finally, Islam Dzhankhotov was up and was in a fiercely competitive bout and although he didn’t get the win, he came away with The Nat Taylor Trophy for Best Bout.


Competing for RABC was Reis Wilson and SamuelEdwards, unfortunately Mathew Jones’ opponent pulled out the day before.


Reis was up first and put in a great performance winning on a unanimous decision and also won The Jackie Johnson Trophy for Best Home Boxer. More to come from this young boxer.  Well done on your debut performance for RABC.


Samuel was up next for RABC and he won a hard fought contest on a 4-1 spilt decision – a brilliant last round that clinched the win.


Boxers from RABC and HABC have also been busy on club shows away from home.


Danny, James and Claudie making their amateur boxing debuts for HABC.


Reis, Mathew and Karim have donned RABC vests to compete in shows in London, Kent and Essex.


Well done to all the boxers from both clubs.




After an intense assessment at the end of January, Kate has earned a place on the Level 3 Senior Coach Programme.  She follows in the footsteps of Roy and Rachel.  As Kate starts the year course, Roy willcomplete his Level 3, with his graduation at the of April.


Rachel is now a GB sessional coach.


Hawley coaches have been really active taking their boxers out sparring and to away shows and the clubis thriving and growing in statue because of their dedication.  A big thank you to Jon, SteveO, Fran and G.


And a massive thank you to all the coaches at RABC & HABC for your time and commitment.




The clubs continue to be passionate about their outreach work and have secured funding to run Disability and Parkinson sessions.


We have opened our doors to many sections of society that perhaps would not ordinarily think about entering a boxing gym and these kind of classes can bring joy too many.




With a strong history of catering for female boxers we are proud to announce that RABC coach Roy has been entrusted to run a female boxing project, through his role as a London Boxing Regional Coach, funded by the Powerday Foundation.


This exciting project in London includes an all-female show – which we hope to see some of our boxers competing in and free taster boxing sessions for women and girls.  The first one being on the 14thApril at Islington Boxing Club.  


This is an excellent initiative and an opportunity to get more females into the sport – SO SPREAD THE WORD!




As the season comes to an end, we still hope to give you the opportunity to compete on another home show, away shows and the Capital Box Cup.  So, stay fit, vigilant, work hard and you could be a contender.


Winning is not just about getting the hand raise it is all about your process and your preparation – so to quote Frank Dick OBE – former director of coaching for UK Athletics – “Winning is being better today than you were yesterday, Everyday.”


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