Our Amateur team spars regularly to prepare them for competition. We do not throw people in at the deep end but teach them the tools to protect themselves and attack effectively before putting them in the ring for supervised, controlled and conditioned sparring.

Sparring rules:

All boxers must be receive a medical check by a Doctor registered with England Boxing and declared 'Fit to Box'. Sparring is not permitted unless in head guards, with a suitably fitted gumshield and 14oz minimum sparring gloves. Male boxers must also wear a groin guard in open sparring. Gloves, groin guards and head guards are available to borrow but we advise serious boxers to buy their own.

Sparring gloves are not to be used on the bags as this reduces their life span and degrades the padding with repeated use. Dirt and grit can also be picked up from bags and the gym floor which can transfer into the eyes during sparring.

Sparring is only under coach supervision. Boxers should present at the ring fully dressed and with their water bottle – do not ask the coach taking the spar to lace up your gloves, they need to focus on the ring. If you are given a specific time to be at the ring, be on time, ready to go and stand on the ring apron so the coach knows you are there. Tops should be tucked in so the ‘belt line’ can be seen. Touch gloves at the beginning of the spar and NOT every round. Do not rest with your hands/arms on the ropes or shout instructions to your peers, let the coach do their job. Always return to the corner your coach is in so they can give instruction and feedback and if you are unsure about anything please ask.

Filming is only allowed with permission from the coach and both boxers and must not be shared on social media. 


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