#FightTogether against heart disease

Starting July 3rd, Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club in partnership with Heart Research UK is running FREE #FightTogether against heart disease sessions 

‘Fight Together Against Heart Disease’ aims to improve and promote the importance of heart health among men over the age of 35, but everyone is welcome.

This project will work with members of the community to reduce the risk of heart disease through adopting a three-pronged approach.

  • Firstly, physical fitness will be improved through providing non-contact boxing sessions. Coached gym sessions, self-train session plans and at-home workouts will be provided.
  • The second aim within this project is to encourage healthy eating and making better food choices, as well as providing affordable, simple wholesome recipes.
  • Thirdly, there will be a focus on stress release. Boxing requires focus of the mind and provides an opportunity to physically release stress onto the boxing bag itself, but mindfulness and deep breathing will also form part of the sessions.
Every Saturday @ 3:30pm
Everyone welcome
No experience necessary 


Register with the club here  
Then email RABC so we can activate a complimentary subscription to these classes.  You'll be notified once the subscription is complete and be ready to book away at your convenience.  Enjoy!
#FightTogether against Heart Disease


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