Lockdown 2.0

We had held out for that last glimmer of hope, but ultimately Lockdown is upon us yet again.  Boo!


That said, on Thursday, 4 November at 4pm MPs announced the official Lockdown 2.0 regulations for 5th Nov - 2nd Dec. We found 17.6f particularly interesting.  Our team has been working hard to make sure we can continue to be there for you as we enter into our second (and fingers crossed, final) lockdown.



We will need to comply with the guidelines set by Government officials, but we are adapting as best we can.  Here’s what we can do for now:

  • If you’re a professional or elite amateur boxer, you can continue to use our facilities during lockdown 
  • Our under 18 boxers (kids classes) will continue as scheduled on our website
  • As approved by England Boxing, we will be providing PE classes as an educational facility



We understand that not all of our Rathbone family will be able to use our facilities during this time. Don’t let this get you down - where there's a will, there's a way 😉 Here’s what we can do for you:

  • FREE Insta live sessions on Wed @ 12pm - stay tuned via Instagram for more information 
  • ZOOM Group Classes start this weekend - these will be scheduled on our timetable - you will need a "virtual credit" to book 
  • VIRTUAL/OUTDOOR PT sessions will be available upon request - 2 adult credits for the Virtual PT; 3 adult credits for the Outdoor PT. Please email Hello@rathboneboxingclub.com to request a session


If you’ve got unused credits and you’re worried about them expiring  - we have got you covered!  Just like last time, we will make you whole again at the end of Lockdown 2.0.  If you have any questions please shoot us an email.


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