Movie Night at Rathbone Boxing Club: ROCKY

Remember this (fast forward to 1:05)?



Join us for a walk down memory lane... and by the way, if your name is Adrian, you can come for free.

6:30pm - Saturday, 7 March 2020
Rathbone Boxing Club
Tickets £5.



 " Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer, gets a chance to fight heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. In a bid to earn respect and glory, Rocky jumps into the ring, unaware of the tough task ahead of him. " 


On Saturday 7th March, we are going to screen the iconic 1976 'ROCKY'.  Boxer or not, who could pass up the opportunity to rediscover the man, the myth and the legend that is Sylvester Stalone's iconic portrayal of Rocky Balboa?! 


No movie night would be complete without snacks. We'll have beer and wine for £2 a pop and some popcorn to make the experience complete. Everyman Cinema, you ain't got nothin' on us! Bring friends, family and sparring opponents.




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