Temporary Closure Extension & Alternative gym access

Dear Valued Members,


With regret, we must inform you that rather than extending the closure of Rathbone Boxing Club week by week we have made the very difficult decision to remain closed until the new year.

We would like to share why our reopening date still remains unconfirmed. The building management company for Rathbone Square, CBRE, claims that water damage suffered by our neighbour, Meta HQ, originates from within our demise.  We have sourced expert reports from plumbers, engineers, and leak specialists, all of whom have failed to identify the source.  CBRE has been unsatisfied with those reports.  Their own investigations have yielded the same lack of definitive evidence.  However, they have chosen to prioritise Meta’s tenancy over ours.


CBRE isolated water supply to our showers on 24 August 2023. Further investigations were carried out, by all parties, with inconclusive results.  On 31 October 2023, CBRE isolated all of our water supply (sinks/toilets in addition to showers), ultimately rendering us unable to trade.  Since that date, we have continued to organise drain investigations, and Meta/CBRE have obstructed all efforts.  They have refused to turn the water supply back on, even if only for investigative purposes, which the drain experts have explained are required in order to do their investigations.  Access to the site of the leak at Meta has also been mostly refused.  CBRE have obstructed our efforts at every turn; they’ve tied our hands and are holding us responsible for a leak that we cannot assess or rectify, in turn.


It’s truly a David vs Goliath situation.  They have forgotten, however, that we are a boxing club, that we have grit, that we don’t give up, that we are fighters.  So, battle we will. Lawyers have been instructed. We understand the inconvenience this situation has caused and sincerely apologise for the disruption to your training routine.


We understand the frustration caused by the uncertainty of our reopening date.  It’s been incredibly painful for us as well.


We understand the inconvenience this situation has caused and sincerely apologise for the disruption to your training routine.


Your membership and access to the facilities will be automatically extended to cover the additional days lost during this extended closure period, once we have a better understanding of the end date.  We will, of course, make every effort to make you whole.


In the meantime, we encourage you to continue your fitness journey at our sister clubs during this temporary closure. Your membership at Rathbone Boxing Club will grant you access to:


Camden Boxing Club: www.camdenboxingclub.com

Bermondsey Boxing Club: www.bermondseyboxingclub.com

Kensington Boxing Club: www.kensingtonboxingclub.com


Both adults and kids are welcome at these locations, ensuring uninterrupted access to your training sessions.  As always, credits are universal.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@rathboneboxingclub.com or hello@theboxinghouse.co.uk. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support as we work diligently to resolve this situation.


Stay tuned for further updates & relaunch offers.


Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty.


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