sparring workshops

put your skills into action by stepping through the ropes. learn the art of boxing in a specialised environment.

You'll need a headguard, 16oz sparring gloves, a molded mouthguard, and a willingness to learn.  We have sparring gloves and headguards you can borrow and mouthguards on sale at the gym.

1 credit per person

intro to sparring

Learn how to take a punch and give one back in a safe environment. All spars are controlled and monitored by 2 coaches.

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women's sparring

Sparring taught by female coaches who understand how women think. Learn what "punch like a girl" really means.

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Mixed Sparring

Open sparring for both men and women of all levels and abilities. Sparring will be taliored to your current experience. Fully monitored and controlled by 2 coaches at all times.

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